YOHJI YAMAMOTO gives Marc Ascoli the responsibility of all artistic matters for Women and Men collections, including fashion shows, advertising campaigns and catalogues. Marc will keep the responsibility for this overall artistic direction until 1991. For the realization of the first Women catalogue of YOHJI YAMAMOTO, Marc Ascoli chose an unknown young photographer : MAX VADUKUL.

Marc Ascoli introduced a young photographer : KOTO BOLOFO and selected PAOLO ROVERSI to do YOHJI YAMAMOTO ’s catalogue and advertising.

Marc Ascoli takes charge of the Image of MARTINE SITBON, for her first collection. He chooses JAVIER VALLHONRAT for the advertising campaign and the catalogue. This will be a seven seasons collaboration. Marc Ascoli discovers a new talent :  NICK KNIGHT who was initially a photographer of the London underground scene and for record albums. Marc Ascoli guided him into fashion photography. Together they will realize the advertising campaign and the catalogue for the collection of YOHJI YAMAMOTO Marc Ascoli also starts a new collaboration with the graphic designer PETER SAVILLE for whom it is his first collaboration within the fashion industry.

Marc Ascoli coordinates the general image of CHLOE designed by MARTINE SITBON, including the fashion shows and the advertising campaigns for which he selects JAVIER VALLHONRATThis collaboration will last until 1991.

Marc Ascoli is the curator of the exibition « IMAGE & FASHION » for « Rencontres en Arles » , in which he presents the works of  NICK KNIGHT, STEVEN MEISEL, JEAN BAPTISTE MONDINO, MAX VADUKUL, JAVIER VALLHONRAT, TONY VIRAMONTES AND STEPHANE SEDNAOUI. He selects JAVIER VALLHONRAT for the JIL SANDER advertising campaign and catalogue.

Marc Ascoli and NICK KNIGHT start a five seasons collaboration for the advertising campaigns and catalogues for MARTINE SITBON. He selects JEAN-FRANCOIS LEPAGE for JIL SANDER Fall/Winter campaign.

Marc Ascoli and NICK KNIGHT realize the advertising campaign for JIL SANDER, for whom they will collaborate during 5 seasons. Marc Ascoli takes part in the comission of the nominations for the International Festival of Fashion Photography in Barcelona. JIL SANDER campaign receives the price of « Best International Campaign ».

Marc takes part again in the commission of the nominations for the International Festival of Fashion Photography in Monaco. Also, he is the curator of the retrospective exhibition of PAOLO ROVERSI.  JIL SANDER advertising campaign receives the price of « best international campaign » for the second time.

Marc Ascoli collaborates as Art Director for the book of NICK KNIGHT with the edition Schimer and Mosel. Marc Ascoli produces JIL SANDER campaign with PETER LINDBERGH. This collaboration will last 3 seasons. Together, they also realize the campaign of JIL SANDER’s perfume « Woman 5 ».

Marc Ascoli discovers a new talented photographer : CRAIG MC DEAN to whom he entrusts the JIL SANDER campaign. They also work on two advertising campaigns for the JIL SANDER fragrance « Sun » and « Woman skin care ». He participates to the commission of the nominations for the « Festival de la photo de Mode » in Paris. Marc Ascoli discovers two young French graphic designers, the  M/M (Mathias Augustyniak et Michaél Amzalag).

He begins a 4 seasons collaboration with CERRUTI for men and women lines together with MARIO TESTINO and PAOLO ROVERSI. He also works with ELISABETH ARDEN Group for the launching of CERRUTI perfume. YOHJI YAMAMOTO recalls Marc for his new campaign for which he entrusts DAVID SIMS, a young photographer.

Marc Ascoli continues his collaboration with JIL SANDER and MARTINE SITBON for fashion shows, advertising and special projects and also with ELISABETH ARDEN Group for CERRUTI for advertising and special projects. For the new JIL SANDER campaign he chooses DAVID SIMS. In October, Marc collaborates for the launching of the MARTINE SITBON store (Rue de Grenelle – Paris 7eme) for which he creates the concept and takes the responsibility for the overall Art Direction (coordination, visuals, Image). He collaborates with M/M for the graphic design of this project.

For the launching of the JIL SANDER ’s men line Marc works with the photographer DAVID SIMS for the advertising campaign. CRAIG MC DEAN realizes MARTINE SITBON fall/winter 1998 campaign. Marc starts a collaboration with SERGIO ROSSI and he selects photographer MILES ALDRIDGE for the fall/winter 1997/1998 campaign.

Marc Ascoli continues to work with DAVID SIMS on JIL SANDER campaign and with MILES ALDRIDGE for the advertising for SERGIO ROSSI . He begins a long cooperation with HUGO / HUGO BOSS as Image Director and decides to call a young photographer for the Spring / Summer 1998 advertising campaign: LIZ COLLINS.

Marc Ascoli works on the fall/winter 1999/2000 JIL SANDER campaign with DAVID SIMS. He chooses MARIO SORRENTI for the spring/summer 2000 campaign. He continues to work with LIZ COLLINS For the HUGO / HUGO BOSS campaign.

Marc Ascoli continues his collaboration with MARIO SORRENTI for JIL SANDER and LIZ COLLINS for HUGO / HUGO BOSS ‘s campaign. In April, he organizes an exhibition concerning MARTINE SITBON works at the « FESTIVAL de HYERES ». He collaborates with JEAN-BAPTISTE MONDINO for this special project on a vidéo with KIRSTEN OWEN. Marc Ascoli collaborates with CALVIN KLEIN for the fall/winter 2000/2001 campaigns, he chooses to work with DAVID SIMS for the main line and MARIO SORRENTI for the CK campaign.

Marc Ascoli selects the young new talents MERT ALAS AND MARCUS PIGGOTT for their first international world campaign with the HUGO / HUGO BOSS fall / winter 2001/2002 campaign. He becomes Image Director for CHLOE designed by Pheobe Philo and for EMANUEL UNGARO designed by Giambattista Valli. He will realize CHLOE spring/summer 2002 campaign with photograph HORST DIEKGERDES, and EMANUEL UNGARO spring/summer 2002 campaign with a young photographer : KAREN COLLINS. Marc Ascoli also produces images with new talent  VANINA SORRENTI for a special project for the MARTINE SITBON spring/summer 2002 collection.

For the fall/winter 2002/2003 campaigns Marc Ascoli carries on his collaborations with MERT AND MARCUS for HUGO / HUGO BOSS , with HORST DIEKGERDES for CHLOE , with KAREN COLLINS for EMANUEL UNGARO and with VANINA SORRENTI for MARTINE SITBON. As for the CHLOE spring/summer 2003 campaign, he selects CRAIG MC DEAN. For the spring/summer 2003 he continues his collaborations with MERT AND MARCUS for HUGO / HUGO BOSS and with KAREN COLLINS for EMANUEL UNGARO.

Marc Ascoli pursues his collaboration with CRAIG MC DEAN for CHLOE , and with MERT AND MARCUS for HUGO / HUGO BOSS . For the fall/winter 2003/2004 advertising campaign of EMANUEL UNGARO, Marc Ascoli begins a new collaboration with SOLVE SUNDSBO. Marc and Solve will also realize the EMANUEL UNGARO spring/summer 2004 campaign. For illustrating the new collection of MARTINE SITBON , Marc decides to collaborate with a new talent: SERGE LEBLON

Marc Ascoli starts a new collaboration with ICEBERG – a label which belongs to the GILMAR group – and realizes the fall/winter 2004/2005 campaign with SOLVE SUNDSBO. He also continues his work for EMANUEL UNGARO with SOLVE SUNDSBO and for HUGO / HUGO BOSS with MERT AND MARCUS.


Marc Ascoli conceives and proposes to HUGO / HUGO BOSS a new worldwide packaging. He renews his collaborations with SOLVE SUNDSBO for the new advertising campaign of ICEBERG and with MERT AND MARCUS for the HUGO / HUGO BOSS new campaigns.

Marc Ascoli realizes the fall/winter advertising campaign for HUGO / HUGO BOSS with MERT AND MARCUS and both the fall/winter and spring/summer campaigns for ICEBERG with SOLVE SUNDSBO. Also, he is commissioned by GIANNI VERSACE to direct the campaign for the new fragrance named VERSACE, for which he collaborates with BAILEY WALSH for the commercial and with photograph MICHELANGELO DI BATTISTA for the prints.

Launching of the new label RUE DU MAIL (by MARTINE SITBON ). Named after the address of its headquarters at 5, rue du Mail on Paris’ right bank, RUE DU MAIL is a 7000 square-foot-space housing the studio, the atelier, a showroom, administrative offices and a boutique. Essentially, RUE DU MAIL is a platform staging MARTINE SITBON ’s independent, yet strongly Parisian universe. He is at the origin of the initial concept of this brand for which he acts as Image Director (conception and art direction of the synergistic space-concept and overall press and communication strategy). Marc Ascoli is Guest Creative Director for the A MAGAZINE CURATED BY MARTINE SITBON and he collaborates with numerous artists and friends for this special issue.  

Marc Ascoli organised « Shallow » an exhibition that presents « musical painting » composed by MALCOM MCLAREN« Shallow” was presented at RUE DU MAIL space (video installation).

Marc Ascoli is named president of jury edition of the ARTISTIC DIRECTOR’S CLUB for 2009.  Marc Ascoli organised an exhibition for AMI SIOUX “Self Portrait”at RUE DU MAIL space (photography and performance). Marc Ascoli is in charge of the art direction of LE BOOK Paris 2010 for RUE DU MAIL (by MARTINE SITBON) and collaborated with EEM for the graphic design.

Marc Ascoli is invited to lecture about the mutual influence of fashion and independent film at the PERFECT CUT series in Rotterdam.

Marc Ascoli puts his creative mind in the service of the FONDAZIONE PITTI DISCOVERY. After  OLIVIER SAILLARD, Marc Ascoli is invited in Florence as a special guest to create a unique performance for the event « Vestirsi da uomo »  in collaboration with students of the POLIMODA school of fashion design.

Marc Ascoli is invited by YOHJI YAMAMOTO to join the panel of judges at HYERES 2012 , 27th annual fashion & photography festival hosted at the VILLA NOAILLESMarc Ascoli is invited to took part of the debate « la mode produit-elle toujours de grandes photographies ?» in RENCONTRES D’ARLES.

CHLOEhas hired Marc Ascoli to be the Creative Director of the book 60 years of creation called ATTITUDES.Texts were written by Sarah Mower and the book will be published by RIZZOLI in September 2013. Marc Ascoli was invited as a VIP Judge at the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers Contest 2013 YDC 2013 organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) – a platform to promote and enhance young fashion designers. Marc Ascoli was a guest-speaker at the « CREATIVE CURRENCY » AALTO ARTS FASHION in Helsinki, Finland (FIN) – a discourse on the state of the fashion industry today. He also spoke about the art of balancing avant-garde creation and viable products. Hosted by Daniel Thawley, with Martine Sitbon as the guest of honor and speakers such as Jonathan Anderson, Michel Gaubert and Luis Venegas.

Creative direction for LOUIS VUITTON for special series with PATRICK DEMARCHELIER. MARIANNE FAITHFULL chose Marc Ascoli for the creative direction of her anniversary book, tracing 50 years of career, published by RIZZOLI . The book will be available in October 2014.

Marc Ascoli was a guest-speaker at the 29e FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DE MODE ET DE PHOTOGRAPHIE – HYERES 2014 in Hyères, France – a discussion with Sylvia Jorif, Ralph Toledano and Jean-Michel Bertrand on the institutionalization of creative brands today.
MARIE-AMELIE SAUVE as a guest editor for SELF SERVICE MAGAZINE , asked Marc to curate a portfolio of photographes evoking the spirit of the 1990’s.